How Search Engine Works?

  Google’s search mechanism is intricate. There are multiple factors the search engine considers before ranking a website. Only Few know how it works or ranks a website or a web page. However, we can to some extent understand how the search engine works. Here are a few things that we need

What is SEO in simple words?

Daily there are millions of people, using Google to search various things like nearby stores, food, with different combos of keywords. Therefore, showing up on the first page of Google is Significant for your Business. But wait, what does SEO even mean? SEO Simply means Search Engine Optimization, “Search engine optimization (SEO)

What is SSL ? How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS?

HTTPS works with another protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt customer data. HTTPS secures transmission of information safely in three ways: Encryption: Locking the transferred data securely for security Data Integrity: Data entered cannot be corrupted during transmission of Data Authentication: Users are validated when they communicate with the website What

Why do you need a website?

In today’s world, the business runs more by online customers, Say for example if you need a dress or a jacket or a sofa you obviously Google it in the first place to find out discount, prices and the features to compare the products, and if you don’t have a website you