Awareness of what is a Website to a Non tech savvy.

A client’s question to me when I approached them to create a website for their business for improving their business the question asked to me was:

“We understand that you will be offering website, what is the size of website is it (A4 or A3)?”

I was shocked to see a person who is very well educated but unaware how a website is structured and how it works, I was shocked at first but I realized that not everyone is a tech savvy with all digital experiences and technical background. So it’s completely ok for a person to be unaware of these terms, but now we are in world that forces us to know these terminologies and their meanings. So here I am with some simple explanations on what a website is.

First I’ll tell you the answer to my client’s question.



-“Sir, website will be in free size it is not limited to a4 or a3 format, as it is digital it will adopt the size of the device that your using to view the website. Example: computer, mobile, tablet etc.”

Here’s an example and meaning of the various terms a website company or a web designer uses and a lay man finds difficult to understand , The below meanings and examples will definitely make a lay man understand what a website is all about, how it works etc.

Domain name: Domain name is the name of your website, a domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website.

Example: this is considered as your website address whenever you want to tell your website address you can tell this domain name people can find you online, for example: Address of your home

Hosting: This is online space where your website files will be hosted on cloud server this is like your actual home on that address – something made of bricks and a building.



Website: which has information about your business, address, services etc. this is something like your home wall color, design, and the material you have at home such as sofa, TV. etc.

Google location map: using this, people can navigate to your address with help of Google map, for example someone is visiting your address, they can search directly your name gomumy office in ola app and it will navigate the car to your place.

Cool… what else?

Well, here is where I get to introduce our services to you. Welcome to GO MUMY the website design company and please visit our website at a well experienced team that knows how to code and what the search engines like. We will love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to send us an email as soon as you want.


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