How Search Engine Works?


Google’s search mechanism is intricate.

There are multiple factors the search engine considers before ranking a website.

Only Few know how it works or ranks a website or a web page.

However, we can to some extent understand how the search engine works.

Here are a few things that we need to know to be listed in Google and to get a higher ranking in Google and bring in more valid and valuable traffic to your website

Now let’s get to understand How Google’s search engine really works?

Before I start you need to Understand a few terms like Bots, Crawling, indexing, and page ranking.

Bots – Bots is a computer program, or a piece of program designed to work automatically. It is mainly used to gather information on the Internet or perform repetitive jobs. These bots are responsible for gathering information or data on the website. Its also called a Spider

Crawling – Refers to these bots moving or reading the content both the front end and the back end to gather information from across hundreds of web pages and organize it in the Search index.

Indexing -Indexing is the process of adding web pages into Google search Storage.

Page ranking – Page Rank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc..

How does search engines crawl(read) the websites?

The spiders or bots will take go through your website and “get to know” your website in detail. It reads everything on your website from titles, to text, to images everything!

The crawling is done to find and understand who might be interested in finding you.

Crawlers finds the new data on the world wide web, record what it’s about, and then store that data in a database.

Google’s next step is to figure out how to match and display the info in its database when someone types in a search query.

The information that is processed is categorized, rearranged, and displayed in a fraction of a second after someone hits the search button.

Google is the best as it is highly accurate in results and gets you the results in nanoseconds.

The information google displays is simply a lot better than any other search engine (personal experience)

Think about this.

Have you ever wondered how google guesses what you are looking for online.

Cool… what else?

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