What is SSL ? How to Migrate from HTTP to HTTPS?

HTTPS works with another protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt customer data. HTTPS secures transmission of information safely in three ways:

Encryption: Locking the transferred data securely for security
Data Integrity: Data entered cannot be corrupted during transmission of Data
Authentication: Users are validated when they communicate with the website

What is HTTPS Used For?

The key is security, HTTPS has been used for any site that involves secure data. It’s mostly used for ecommerce websites to render protected monetary transactions. Mostly Banks, Online merchants, Ecommerce websites use HTTPS to secure your personal information of advertiser , the secured sites are easily recognized by the padlock on the browser. And also, HTTPS is recognized and used as an SEO benefit to the secure site.

HTTPS as a Ranking Factor:

Research has showed an increase in encrypted URLs. Sites with HTTPS has higher SEO Ranking than that of website With HTTP.

Google’s preference for secured sites is never surprising. If users are guaranteed a secure site experience, HTTPS becomes simple and easy winner, Users will always prefer HTTPS to HTTP.

SEO Advantages of Switching to HTTPS

Deciding on HTTP vs HTTPS is easy – switching to HTTPS will benefit you and improve the the security of your site, and make the user trust your site. There are additional SEO benefits for you to consider to switch to HTTPS.

Increased Rankings

Even is not a major boost to the ranking, as part of an overall strategy with other ranking criteria , it’s a safe bet to be on HTTPS.

Referral Data

By using Google Analytics for your HTTP site, the traffic passing through referral sources can appear as “direct” traffic.

Security and Privacy

Encrypts data transmission, like browsing history and credit card information.

Steps to Switch

Let us do the hard-work, you can leave it to us. We at Gomumy will make it possible for you along with keeping other Seo ranking parameters in mind.


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